Media Masters Broadcast specializes in producing high-quality, cost-effective Satellite Media Tours (TV), Radio Media Tours, and Radio Giveaways that sell books. Over the past 23 years, we have secured and coordinated thousands of interviews with local, regional, and national radio and television media from coast to coast.

Our team handles every aspect of the development and production of satellite media tours, radio media tours, and promotional radio giveaways, including crafting of pitch materials and talking points, strategic pitching, complete production services, and finally, media tracking that includes a comprehensive report of all stations and networks booked and total audience figures and impressions.

Media Masters Broadcast also offers media training.

Satellite Media Tours (TV)

Media Masters Broadcast secures interviews at top networks and outlets nationwide. We provide a full-service studio, full technical support, makeup artist, catering, satellite uplink, b-roll, tracking, a dedicated producer, and any other incidentals needed to make the SMT a success for our client.   

Radio Media Tours

We book long-form and short-form interviews and radio giveaways with top-rated stations and shows on a variety of formats, including NPR, news/talk, album-oriented, country, and sports on local, regional, national, satellite radio, and syndicated shows and podcasts.  Full author/spokesperson care and production support are provided.

Radio Giveaways

Media Masters Broadcast’s on-air radio giveaways are a cost-effective and turn-key PR tool, ideal for reaching millions of consumers when the budget may be limited and/or no spokesperson is available. Our radio giveaways are comprised of shows in top markets, and stations are provided with scripts that contain a clear “call to action.”